The True History of Humanity

My name is Ryushin Malone and I have solved the Nazca Lines.

The New Orion Lines

The Nazca Lines are The Orion Groups territory markings.  The Orion Group is a satanic force who take over star systems and are who have been behind the whole show.
Thousands of years ago, Orion taught the Elite Adrenochorme Harvesting, that if you drink the blood you get high.  This is the true origin of Human sacrifice.
What I have discovered is that secretly, The Elite have been trading Human Beings as a food and drug source with Orion in trade for advanced technology.
Secretly, The Elite have been worshiping these beings for thousands of years and in respect to them, sacrifice Human children to drink their blood.
This is exactly what happened in World War 2.  It was never about The Nazi’s vs anyone.  It was The Elite the whole way.  World War 1 and 2 were fabricated to use Germany as a doorstop to prevent the spread of communist Russia.  This is how Germany was so well funded in both wars, ROTHCHILD.  After the first war, they made a deal with Orion.  Why did they target the Jews?  Because of Moses leading them from Egypt to freedom.  It was revenge, 5000 years later.
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This is why they buried Tesla’s work because secretly Tesla was in contact with aliens who were trying to advance the Human race just as they did with Ben Franklin gifting us electricity.
In 1947, something called Operation Highjump occurred.  Admiral Byrd took the entire pacific fleet down to Antarctica to flush out the remaining Nazi forces.  When he got down there, they were attacked by the Nazis and the Orion Group with advanced technology.  Admiral Byrd was captured by Orion and told never to return here again.
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In 1952, The Nazis flew over the US Capital building as a show of force.
In 1954, something called The Grenada Treaty was signed by Eisenhower and Orion.  This secret treaty allowed the aliens to take people for “medical experiments” in trade for technology just as they did in Germany.  At least, that was the story that has been told to us.
What I have discovered is that The Elite designed the railroad system in Germany to the Nazi Death Camps to the star constellation Orion out of respect to them.  In the 1970’s, The US Government designed a “secret” underground railways system IDENTICAL to the Nazi Death Camp railroads.  This time with tax payers money.  What have they been doing down there for the past 50 years?  TRADING HUMAN CHILDREN AS A FOOD AND DRUG SOURCE, ADRENOCHROME WITH ORION FOR TECHNOLOGY just as they did in Nazi Germany.
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Just a few pieces of technology got from the trade that The US Gov is trying to sneak by.


I know this is true because of a woman by the name of Katy Groves who exposed “UNCLE SAM’S SNUFF FACTORY” located at Fort Hood military bases Killeen, Texas were The Elite have been going to rape, murder and eat Human children.  Since 2016, I have discovered that 119 soldier have died at an “ALARMING” rate at Fort Hood.  This is a direct result of PIZZAGATE.  Why was Pizzagate covered up?   Because James Alifantis the owner of Comet Ping Pong is actually Lord Jacob Rothchild’s nephew and he paid to attempt covering up pizzagate by calling it “FAKE NEWS.”  The true origin of fake news.  At Comet Ping Pong, there is a mural of an alien playing ping pong with a human.  This told me everything.  This told me that The Rothchild’s have been secretly engaged with fighting a peaceful race of aliens, The Zeta Reticulans who have been at war with The Orion Group for thousands of years.

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The reason why Roswell happened was to protect their Adrenochrome Harvesting operation.  The US GOV used lock-on radar systems to crash their ships.  This is the real reason why aliens have been covered up because secretly they have been trading children as food for technology with Orion this whole time.  It’s truly beyond words but I can assure you everything I have said is true.
After the discovery made by me solving the Nazca lines, it was leaked that The US GOV evicted “Lizard people” from Area 51 on December 7th, 2018.  I know this leak was true because on December 17th 2018, 10 days later, a gigantic pyramid shape craft appeared over The Pentagon.  We have 3 different videos from different prospective of the same craft.  This told me that the aliens were pissed.  This same craft appeared over The Kremlin in 2009, also having multiple angles.  In March, 2019, The Russians were allowed to fly over Area 51 for the first time, probably to make sure The Reptilians were kicked out for sure.  58373975_1287374001428689_5092692265038512128_o66579776_1342005192632236_7552843841355644928_o55853827_1272857092880380_8737927242190946304_o
As crazy as this sounds, I have collected all the evidence here  At the beginning of this month, I realized that the nazi death camp railroad system and the US government railroad system were identical to the Orion constellation.  I have released this information to every Jewish community on facebook and twitter in hopes to initiate the question, “Did they?”  Who paid for this?  What have they been secretly doing under there this whole time?  Of course leaving out the aliens because this would only lead to doubt.  The railroads are IDENTICAL which means I have The Elite in checkmate.  All The Elite can do is buy time by ignoring me until someone starts actually questioning the validity of my work.
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It’s pretty evident I have them on their knees.  There are only two possible outcomes.  One, certain death.  Flu, Ebola, ect., whipping out as many people as they possibly can or The Truth.  Surrendering to me and The Human Race.  This is why Qanon keeps saying WWG1WGA because if The Elite kill The People, they will also die by moral people who are sitting right next to them.  As I see it, death is not an option.  Only The Truth will set us free, it is only a matter of time.
For the children, Ryushin Sean Malone
Long Live Humanity!
Also, I solved The Great Pyramids of Giza and connected The Nazca Alien Mummies to King Akhenaten.  Why hasn’t this made the news?
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I found so many different species of aliens that I had to type them all.