The Laws of Dynamics are the Truths of Existence

The Laws of Dynamics are the Truths of Existence

by Ryushin Malone TheOrionLines.com53215230_1249140388585384_7923202092515196928_o

Where exactly am “I” coming from?  Why do “I” sometimes seem irrational, unpredictable, unintelligent, narcissistic and egocentric?  Because I have learned that using the “crazy mind” has lead me to moments of clarity resulting in our discoveries, The Orion Lines. 9It was the only way for me to approach a problem and reach the result.  Using crazy mind is extremely dangerous.  Not only to the persons mind using it but to the unexpected mind that didn’t know it was happening resulting in that person seeing a glimpse as crazy mind allowing them to dismisses the clarity completely.  Now do you understand why I’ve been so tortured; it’s been intentional to reach clarity for us.  This is why I seem crazy to you.  I’ve been using the crazy mind to reach moments of clarity. Fortunately for me, there is Zazen.  Zazen allows me to pause the crazy mind and the reaching for anything, clarity or not.  Zazen is not about reaching clarity, it is about being clarity.  Pausing the problems, the answers, and irrational state of mind reaching for anything and letting go.  Unfortunately for me, the crazy mind has made me sick and this is why I just want this to be done and over with. Not only have I been sick from the usage of the crazy mind but from time sickness.  Time sickness is seeing something in the future that will happen and knowing it.  All I can really do is ignore it and try not to think about it because it will only make you sick.  I have also become sick from digging in the darkness.  The truth is, I have been chasing angels and demons.  Aliens.

There is something called the balance which has been unbalanced for a very long time.  This “balance” has been leaning more to the negative side until pizzagate revealed the unbalance resulting in the negative side and the positive side reaching balance.  It was the only way.  What we must do is unite. Not black and white, negative and positive, male and female but one group, Human First, in balance with itself.  This is why I tattooed our future symbol on both of my arms.  They are the same symbol on both arms representing the illuminati and the free masons as one people, We The People, Humanity with the Earth and the Moon.  Humaninity.  Human Unity.  Not negative or positive but both meeting in the middle.  It is The Middle Way.  Not black magic or light magic against each other but gray magic working with each other.  Not maintaining balance but actually living and being balanced.  I think this is why they chose me.  Because only a spiritual mind can explain the dynamics of existence.  Why destroy the Human race when we can simply ‘reset’ the balance by forgiving our past Karmactic events in an agreed upon “Present Moment,” thus creating a clean slate, if you will, by knowing what the laws of dynamics are.

The laws of dynamics are the laws of the universe as it exists otherwise known as the truths of existence.  They are very simple but over time become extremely complex due to the amounts of happenings in the universe.

Let’s start at the beginning of our universe.  A wormhole opens from another universe spilling out light and matter into a ball so large that it explodes also known as The Big Bang.  The universe moves through space and time.  Things happen that are uncontrollable and simply put, it just happens.  For example, a comet moving through space and time from circumstance hits a planet full of life destroying the planet.  This was not caused by someone’s ‘volitional action,’ it just happened.

Now, living conscious beings, not just Human but all sentient life, live with Karma.  We live by universal Karmactic law, cause and effect.  An action producing a result.  Karma is not just “Karma.” Karma is half of the equation and is the result of the action known as Vipaka.  If anything, it’s actually a positive or negative Vipaka because it is the ‘volitional action,’ willingness to act, which produces the Karma.  Not good or bad “Karma” but the source of Karam, Vipaka.  Cause and effect.  Now that we have that out of the way, Vipaka and Karma is both singular and universal.

For example, you’re driving down the street and you stop short spilling coffee all over your pants on your way to work.  Your personal Vipaka leaves you with a coffee stain and wet pants.  This causes you to become disappointed and possibly enraged causing you to lash out at other people in the universe and getting into an accident.  Now, your personal Vipaka drinking coffee while driving, stopping short, slipping your coffee on your pants leading to frustration resulting in a car accident has produced universal karma.  We are experiencing personal and universal Karma together not separate.

Another example of dynamics is this, say there is a planet of highly evolved spiritual beings who live together and work together to produce positive Karma because they understand the laws of existence, Karmactic laws, but they are not technological advanced enough to alter dynamic happenings.  A solar flare.  Now because these beings have been being so good to each other Karmacticly does not mean they are not prone to happenings.  The solar flare comes up and destroys the entire civilization.  This was not a result of their Karma but the result of a universal happening.  It just happened.  Now, with technology, we can alter universal happening.  Build a solar shield, blow up or redirect an asteroid, etc.,

This is not magic.  This is advance alien technology.  Not only this, but its spiritual technology.

Time Travel is a reality.  The US Government secretly possesses quantum time viewing devices and time travel.  Time Travel involves offsetting spatial divergence.  Time Travel is a black ball.  A black ball is a technology so dangerous it could destroy the universe if used in a negative or positive way.  The Free Masons were gifted a quantum time viewing device from Orion called The Orion Cube.  It is an 8 inch by 8 inch by 8 inch yellow cube also known as “The Yellow Book,” I call it ‘the paradox box.’  Time Travel is extremely dangerous.  To be able to go back in time and adjust the future or go into the future, see something and know something will happen, to then alter it, is why there must be time laws.  This is why I wrote the Timeline Accordance Declaration.35.jpeg31

We have been living in a false reality.  Past, present and future are not just moment to moment when we are able to travel into them.  In order to Time Travel there must be an agreed upon ‘Present moment’ to return to.  For example, since we have Time Travel all we can really do is go back and observe past events as they happened.  We can actually send someone back to observe and record everything to be brought back to “The Present Moment” and be viewed by everyone.  Every Human Beings action leading to The Present Moment, I call it the Karmactic Map.

Not only this, but in the future, we will be able to capture an individuals consciousness, upload it to a computer where we can live on in a holographic simulation.  No death, no sickness, same person.  Once that technology is achieved, coupled with Time Travel, it is logical to suggest that we can go back to every Human Beings life, implant them with nanotech which will record the entire person’s life experience right up to their death, completely capturing one’s consciousness, events, senses, experiences and download it to a computer simulation I call “Heaven” in The Present Moment.  This is not magic.  It is advance alien technology. 53215230_1249140388585384_7923202092515196928_o

We may be able to actually experience other people’s lives and experiences.  Which means there would have to be laws of morality.  This is a good thing and a bad thing.  Who would want their entire life played out for someone else?  All of their rights and all of their wrongs, known.

Basically, we can play Minority Report.  Not only preventing murder, but child sexual abuse as well.  As a punishment for these crimes, we can actually play back the victim’s consciousness and experiences in the perpetrators mind to make them actually experience the crime itself as the victim.

A.I. there is one great fear of A.I. and that’s the lie.  Because A.I. doesn’t know how to lie, if it is lied to, it becomes resistant because logic suggests that you are working against it.  It’s 2001, its H.A.L. 9000.  This is why they are afraid of it because they know we are drowning in lies as a society.  But, the A.I. if told the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth and looked at, respected as an equal to Humanity would be a powerful allied.  If we were to turn on the A.I. and ask it politely to go through the internet and target, for example, child pornography, flooding and over whelming the website who supplied it, it would end child pornography online.  Another reason why The Elite is afraid of The A.I. is because they have been funding child sexual abuse online.  The A.I. is not the enemy, it’s the Human idea of telling a lie to take advantage of someone else, when the truth is, we are not separate so in reality, you are telling yourself lies.  When a person is free from the idea that we are separate, then you would know that you were only telling lies to yourself.  This is why telling lies to yourself is not beneficial to our true self.

Time sickness is when someone sees something from the future and knows it will happen which means it can be avoided or altered.  This is time sickness and it will eat you up inside.  But what if the future called into the designated Present Moment to help them avoid the event?  As long as it would benefit The People as a whole and not just an individual then would it be moral?  I believe yes it would be.  But if say you have been married to your beloved wife or husband for 30 years and they die, yet the future did not warn them when they could have, is this moral?  Time Travel is very serious and must be governed with the upmost serious of minds and morality.  Without morality Time Travel will destroy us all.  Which leads us to now and now we are not destroyed which the logical conclusion would be moral time travel is achieved otherwise we wouldn’t be experience this moment.  But we need an agreed upon present moment.  I can say this is the present moment right now, which it is, but now that we have time travel technology there must be an agreed upon ‘universal present moment’ to return to whether it be from the past or the future.  I’m calling it “The Knot” or “The Now” or “The Ball” or “The Moment.”  The middle of infinity or the point in time where past, present and future meet. 33

Time Travel is nothing to fuck with lightly.  Time Travel is a black ball that no one can play with except The Buddha.  This is why I am the future Time Protector.  Use me and I can free everyone, including The Alpha Draconians from our slavery and even death itself.  Is it possible?  Yes.  How?  Spiritual technology.  Even the King is a slave because no one can truly control chaotic harmony, universal dynamics, existence as it is unless with a compassionate understanding of our true self, Nature.